Apr 21, 2009


At last!!!
The final version with some minor footage changes and better fixed audio track. Sorry for the delay.

Click here to see in vimeo


Thanks everybody!!!


Disfigurator said...

Are subtitles already there (I just don't want to download just to find out that isn't).

Paula said...

si, esta muy bien, pero.. ¿A que huelen las nubes?

Anonymous said...

No subtitles :( ... When does the sub-titled version come out? I've already watched it in Spanish and thought it was great!

Anonymous said...

Can you please post new links, I have parts 1 to 13 but need parts 14 and 15 to complete the film.


Anonymous said...

Could you please reupload all parts*? Your upload could just be downloaded 10 times. So I can't download anything. And watching it in vimeo makes no sense for me as I don't have subtitles there... :(

*(Somewhere where the links don't get deactivated ater 10 downloads, as this movie will probably get a LOT more downloads than that by the looks of it!)

Disfigurator said...

I'm downloading the movie from Vimeo. Just go there and check the bottom of the screen to find a download link (866,4 MB all at once)!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that tip, Disfigurator! :D

Anonymous said...

That movie is GREAT! There are too many things I liked about it to list them, so I'll focus on the few little things that could have been better:
- Pyramid Head wasn't looking "dirty" enough, and his sword was much too thin and lightweight. A sword like that could never make the noises we hear there.
- I missed Eddie... But okay, there was just not enough time too properly include him.
- The special effects started up pretty cheap, but got better and better.
- And there were more things improving greatly during the course of the movie. I guess the movie took a long while, and uring that time everyone improved their skills. Take for example the emotions: At the beginning, everyone (not just James, like in the game) sounds a little bit like he/she doesn't really care/has no emotions. Laura doesn't really sound cheeky, Mary doesn't sound alluring, Angela doesn't sound scared. But that's just at the beginning. Later on, everyone(!) is acting awesome! I'm really looking forward to your next project!
- I really liked your idea of mixing up different endings to create two new ones. If you have a closer look there are elements of pretty much every original ending in at least one of your endings. :D

Anonymous said...

excelente peli, como todo un fan que soy de la serie de silent hill me atrevo a decir que esta es mejor que la gringa. hermosa Mary

ミッレル リジー said...

When I try to click on the english version of subs to download it says it doesn't exist

NEMESIS said...

Guys,that was a VERY pleasant surprise!I`m from Greece,at my 40`s and a die-hard SH fan.You`ve managed to capture the tragedy BEHIND the horror,and yhat`s rare.My opinion?Cristophe Gans sould hire your tean as advisors.You`ve done a terrific work with this one and WITHOUT CGI etc.Just pure,creative spirit and love for your material.Nice one guys,I gave you a 10 on the poll!Kudos from Greece!

Anonymous said...

Can you please repost the links? They are all broken and i can't download the movie. :(

Anonymous said...

suban nuevos links por favor la quiero ver!!! :(

Jose M. Payá said...

Thanks so much to everyone for all your constructive critics and your words of support, they help me and my Fog films partners to go ahead with new energies for the comming projects!

Best wishes,

Jose M. Payá (James Sunderland)

Corentin said...

Hey, all links are dead on rapidshare!
Can you make a reup of those links, and maybe an up on Megaupload to make just one link?

Btw, I'm french and can do some real translations (for the main site or fr subtitles).
If you need my mail, here it is, corentin.brasart@gmail.com .

Best wishes,

Corentin Brasart.

Dave said...

Great work guys. I've only watched bits and pieces of it, but I'm wondering if you'd be able to upload the remastered version again? The RapidShare links are dead and YouTube has no subtitles :(


Aleksandar said...

Please reupload links!!! Please!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey ¡¡

los links de rapidshare están caidos.

un saludo desde la terreta


Anonymous said...

amigos por favor suban de nuevo la pelicula yo ya la habia visto hace mucho cuando lo realizaron por primera vez quiero ver esta porque dicen que mejoraron muchas cosa y quiero verla por favor suban la de nuevo