Nov 9, 2008

Premiere delayed again!!!

Bad news. Because of technicals issues the premiere of Broken Notes in Cines Astoria (Alicante) for the 8th November 2008 has had to be cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thanks for your fidelity.

The premiere will be in 14th November 2008.


Christian said...

HI, I heard in another blog you will put a download link for your movie, it's that true 'cause I'm from a far country and I don't know if your work reach us here, thanks...
see ya keep working, congratulations.

Asensweeney said...

Yes, it will be free downloadable links for everyone who want's to see the movie. The original version (spanish) probabily will be abailable this weekend, and the english version is setted for a few weeks after.