Jul 23, 2008

Abstract Daddy

This is the "Abstract Daddy Creature". It's made on PVC, wood, ceramic, glue & cloths. It will be implemented with Stop Motion Technic like the other one creature (Flesh Lips)

(Modeled & Coloured by Alex Asensi & Alejandro M. Selma)


Daniel San said...

Mmmm delicious lobster!!

Asensweeney said...

Isn't a lobster!! It's a locust!!! ¬¬

Alexandros said...

no no no, it is a "langost" xDDD

El Pau said...

You're crazy!!! If you pay attention to the picture, you can see that it is a spanish omelette!!!! Yes, it is an articulated spanish omelette, it's very easy to see... don't you think?, jajajajaja.

Escribo en ingles porque ahora esto es un blog internacional, XD.
Un saludo a todos!!

Gabriel said...

these 4 idiots are fucking lame. yeah, nice comments. fucking morons.

Sinewmire said...

Truly brilliant. The akimbo female legs give it that perfect Silent Hill sexual threatening tone. It's organic without being alive, suggestive without being recognisable. Perfect representation of Angela's nightmare.